Mormons Tipped Scale in Ban on Gay Marriage


November 14, 2008
In the end, Protect Marriage estimates, as much as half of the nearly $40 million raised on behalf of the measure was contributed by Mormons.
On Oct. 28, Mr. Ashton, the grandson of the former Mormon president David O. McKay, donated $1 million. Mr. Ashton, who made his fortune as co-founder of the WordPerfect Corporation, said he was following his personal beliefs and the direction of the church.
It is not our goal in this campaign to attack the homosexual lifestyle or to convince gays and lesbians that their behavior is wrong — the less we refer to homosexuality, the better, one of the ward training documents said.  We are pro-marriage, not anti-gay.
Another of the advertisements used video of an elementary school field trip to a teacher’s same-sex wedding in San Francisco to reinforce the idea that same-sex marriage would be taught to young children. 
Indeed, many Mormons don’t want same sex marriage being taught to their children.   But many non-Mormons don’t want Mormonism being taught to their children either.  After all, the church’s history is riddled with vigilante justice and blood atonement.  And many are turned off by the fact that the church’s prophet used seer stones to find buried treasure as well as to dictate the Book of Mormon while examining the stones in the bottom of his hat, and that his Kirtland temple “was the scene of visions, angelic visitations, prophesying, speaking and singing in tongues“.   The point here is that Mormonism, like other religions and like homosexuality, has its share of characteristic peculiarities.  But that doesn’t mean it’s ok to ban Mormonism. 
Neither banning Mormonism nor banning gay marriage is the right thing to do.  Both impinge upon someone else’s freedom without a valid reason.  The key to freedom, for those who really care about it, is to allow all to pursue that which they believe, not that which someone else believes.  If Mormons were being forced to have gay marriages, that would be different.  Then I would – gladly – take up arms with them.  But they are not being forced to do any such thing.  Gays only seek to change their own marriages, not those of Mormons or anyone else.  
I am neither Mormon nor gay.  Yet I feel having gays and Mormons around poses not one iota of threat to my children.  They both, like most everyone else, just bring something different.  Both will always be welcome in my house.

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