Obama’s “Change”

On War:  Wants a change of venue.  Has maintainedconsistently – the following:
“Al quaeda has regrouped.  They are stronger than ever before.”   
“The first step must be to get off the wrong battlefield in Iraq, and take the fight to the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”
“Let me make this clear:  There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3000 Americans.  They are plotting to strike again.  If we have actionable intelligence about high value terrorist targets, and President Musharraf will not act, we will.”
On Spying on Americans
On July 10th, 2008, President Bush signed the FISA Ammendments Act into
law, providing lawsuit protection for telecommunications companies, thus supporting eavesdropping on Americans in “emergencieswithout court approval.  Obama supported this legislation, insisting that:
In a dangerous world, government must have the authority to collect the intelligence we need to protect the American people.”  
Jonathan Turley, Professor of constitutional law at George Washington University calls Obama’s support of this legislation not just a compromise but a “cave-in“. 
On the Bailout:  – Toeing the line –
Obama urges bailout bill’s passage –   Unconscionable fearmongering was used to ram this bill through,  ie; talk of a stock market collapse and the possibility of martial law, not to mention the actual declaration of “Congressional martial law“.  This was reminiscent of the infamous WMD fearmongering at the United Nations (Feb. 5, 2003) which, as you may recall, was administered by the “nicest” guy in the administration, Colin Powell, a tactic which proved to be quite effective in applying the necessary pressure.  It appears there are a variety of ways that pressure may be applied.   They all seem to work quite well.
And Joe Biden  has guaranteed us a “generated crisis” inside six months of Obama’s presidency which will test Obama’s “mettle”

So where’s the change?



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