September 11 Attacks



The issue of the 911 attacks is often framed up by many as if there are only two choices;  either you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist crackpot or you accept the official story, a mentality strangely reminiscent of the “either with us or against us” mentality.  The problem with this mentality is that most people fall somewhere in the middle.  Most people are neither crackpots, nor do they always toe the line and believe the mass media.  Most people are not extremists.

Indeed there are some extreme viewpoints regarding the 911 attacks, theories involving claims that cannot be substantiated.  However, many people who have questions about the 911 attacks are taking a different approach – a much more rational one.  Rather than speculating about what happened on 911 they are focussing on the shortcomings of the 911 Commission investigation (which are many) and calling for a new, independent investigation.   Now the pressure has shifted.  Afterall, who could deny that there were some huge – bordering upon unbelievable – blunders in the investigation?  Who would be willing to overlook this?  Why?  

A thorough investigation would surely be able to explain the following:


What were the “explosive devices that the NYPD reported finding? (The Fire Department Chief of Safety also said he believed there were bombs “planted” in the buildings) 

What were the many explosions heard by many eyewitnesses  in the basement and mezzannine areas?  (and New York City firemen also reported explosions in the towers that sounded just like a controlled demolition) 

Where are the black boxes that were recovered at ground zero?  The official story is that none of the 4 black boxes (2 per plane) were ever found at ground zero, and yet New York City firefighter Nicholas DeMasi (Engine Co. 261) and Mike Bellone (Ladder 20) both recall recovering three of the four boxes.  This story got precious little media coverage, which comes as no surprise, given the burden of reporting more important things like Tomkat, Brangelina, and American Idol.  
How can we explain the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania?  Just where did that plane go?  Did it tunnel into the center of the earth?  Just another wacky, inexplicable occurence that day?  Just another crazy coinkeedink?  When it rains, it pours?  (Here are some pictures of real plane crashes)

The “Able Danger military intelligence unit identified Mohamed Atta and his Brooklyn terrorist cell many months prior to 911.  Why was nothing done?  Captain Scott J. Phillpott and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, who were both involved in the Able Danger unit are both wondering why their findings were never put to use to prevent the attacks.   Shaffer’s and Phillpott’s claims have been publicized by US Congressman Curt Weldon (R-Pa).   .  Why did  Clinton administration officials  prevent Able Danger intelligence from being shared with the FBI and why did the Pentagon pressure the senate judiciary committee to close the Able Danger hearings?  In September of last year, Fox News provided some insight: ( though to this day the questions about Able Danger remain unresolved and widely ignored.)
Pentagon lawyers rejected the unit’s recommendation that the information be turned over to the FBI in 2000..” …”Other witnesses will include an FBI agent who will testify that she set up three meetings in 2000 between the FBI’s Washington field office and the Able Danger, but each was cancelled at the last minute,” …”Weldon said a former Army officer will testify next week that he was also ordered to destroy data that included reference to Atta.”…”He was ordered to destroy 2.5 terabytes of data specific to Able Danger, the Brooklyn [terror] cell and Mohammad Atta. He will name the person who ordered him to destroy that material.”
Why did the towers at ground zero (especially WTC 7 which was not struck by a plane) all come down perfectly in their own footprint?  
Where was the radar/high tech surveillance (N.O.R.A.D / F.A.A...) of the most powerful nation on the planet as three planes – all connected by a common cause – collectively receiving zero resistance struck their targets in some of the most sensitive areas in the country?  (Another incredibly fortunate twist of fate for the “evildoers”?) 

We have been conditioned to scoff at conspiracies.  Gee, I wonder why?  And just like when JFK was assassinated, we have a five star “commission” whose job is to put together an official story so that everyone can lay it to rest and get on with their lives.  And just like the Warren Commission, everyone senses that the 911 Commission’s story is fishy, but it doesn’t matter because there is something at stake here which is even more important than the truth.  It’s vital that we cultivate the status quo … the social order, safety and security which concensus provides. It’s the glue that holds us together.  There is power in numbers.  Our story doesn’t need to be true, as long as we have one, and as long as it works.  So why not make it as palatable as possible?  Why not cast ourselves in a wonderful role? (or more accurately, why not embrace that appealing role that someone else has cast us in?).  And once a story is agreed upon, questioning it becomes inherently abhorant because it makes the questioner stand out, lose their camouflage, separating them from the security of the group.  Nobody wants to be looked at as the weird one or the odd man out.  Social status and fitting in are paramount for us humans.  No one wants to put strain on their important relationshipsThis is programmed into us through evolution.

It’s easy to see then why many people remain in denial about this issue.   Like the assasignation of JFK, those “lone gunman” who were “acting alone” are ever tidy and make getting on with life so very easy.  On the other hand, having different people and/or factions of government acting together, or “conspiring” is taboo.  Heaven forbid we should have a conspiracy!  Yet it happens all the time.   History is riddled with conspiracies.  Everyone can name a few.  Still they refuse to look here.  They also continue dangling from the belief that JFK was killed by a single bullet which struck him in the back of the head, even though we have incontravertible video evidence demonstrating that this is pure nonsense.  It’s so much easier and more convenient to embrace the twaddle we were spoon fed.
How long will it take the herd to demand a new investigation?  Being in denial will not prove to be a productive course of action.  Ask any psychiatrist about the concept of denial and they’ll tell you it is a defense mechanism by which human beings protect themselves from things which threaten them by blocking out this information – refusing to even consider it.  But being in denial doesn’t make the reality any less real.  It just puts off having to deal with it, usually making the end results much worse.  We have too many citizens with relevant and credible insight coming forward to shed light on this story.  There’s no excuse to remain in denial.  There’s too much at stake.
Anyone who labors under the delusion that a bunch of morons with box cutters pulled this off without “upper management” help is in denial.  There’s no definitive evidence?  I guess then that OJ Simpson was innocent of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman back in 1995.  I beg to differ. 











MIT Engineer/Physicist breaks down the 9/11 demolitions




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